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Financial Information

Our Company

Front Line S.A. is a modern and dynamically developing Insurance Brokers Company, founded in February 2002, offering insurance broking services (in the legal sense of the term) in sectors such as:

  • Exploring of your actual insurance needs.

  • Drawing up of the most suitable insurance program, one that fully meets not only your personal needs but also the needs of your company, through market research of the local and international insurance market.

  • Consultation for tendering procedures in publicly owned undertakings.

  • Analysis, recording and prioritization of the insurable risks arising from your business activities, and submission of proposals of insurance risk decrease and/or limitation (Risk Management).

  • Support for the settlement of claims in order to avoid conflicts and delays.

Our strategy is to treat each client of ours individually and as a unique case, according to the particularities of the business sector in which they engage.


Our philosophy is to always keep our clients at the heart of business, delivering reliable alternative solutions, with the ultimate goal to best meet their insurance needs at the lowest possible cost. Our client-centered orientation is the trademark of our business policy.

Our Team

The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.

+30 211 101 9903

George Kolios


+30 211 101 9909

Gradient Strip
Persefoni Mamakou

Life Insurance Department

+30 6944644700

Dimosthenis Vourtos


Life Insurance Manager

+30 211 101 9913

Panos Zacharos

Financial Collection Department

+30 211 101 9911

Dimitris Kolios

Finance and Administration Manager

+30 211 101 9917

Sissy Tsogka

Life Insurance Department

+30 211 101 9909

Gradient Strip
Persefoni Mamakou

Life Insurance Department

+30 211 101 9905

Irene Bita

Non-Life Insurance Department

+30 211 101 9900

Helen Zagkana

Customer Service

+30 211 101 9906

Sofi Logotheti

Non-Life Insurance Department

+30 211 101 9912

Eleni Papadopoulou

Operations Executive


+30 211 101 9914

John Mallinis

Account Executive

+30 211 101 9907

Emmy Zisimopoulou

Car Insurance Department


+30 2810 289 775

Emmanuel Kagiabakis

Crete Office Manager


+30 26510 64707

Fenni Kaffe

Ioannina Office Manager


Start with safety!

~Teri Garr

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